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Paint Replacement Wrapping

Paint replacement wrapping is the art of using specially made vinyl to alter the colour of a car or use it for simple styling. This type of wrapping differs from advertising wraps in that it mimicks a paint job as close as possible

When done right the wrap will last the full 3-5 years until its recommended removal time. All parts possible are removed and every panel is wrapped individually with each edge wrapped around each panel to ensure its longevity.

The most common misconception of wrapping is that it was made as a cheap replacement for paint. While it happens to be cheaper in most cases, its purpose is to protect your paint and provide a removable option. It also has a number of finishes that are not able to be painted such as Carbon, Brushed and Chrome.

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Car Wrapping is an artform that we take seriously!

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High Definition Print Wraps

Usually seen as simple advertising on cars. It can also be taken to the next level by using digital designs to style your car

We use award winning designers from Belgium and the United States. They are specialists when it comes to taking digital wrapping to the next level. It takes skill to not only coming up with designs that win awards but also turn that design into a wrap ready print that installs as good as it looked on a screen.p>

Your limits to digital designs is only your imagination!