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TredWear Rubber Tyre Letters and Walls

We are the only professional TredWear Rubber letter and graphic installers in Canberra. Using REAL raised rubber letters and stripes we can create a unique look for your ride. TredWear will not brown and will last as long as your tyres do. They look even better rolling!

This is not the normal whitewalls that you see put on cars. Whitewalls are painted on and are unsafe and illegal for your car due to the fact the walls are heavily sanded. Painted whitewalls also crack and fade with time, leaving the tyre looking ugly.

TredWear comes in different colours and designs. From walls, to tyre brands to custom words. It is one of the fastest growingandbest ways to change the look of your car!

tredwear canberra
rubber tyre letters canberra
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With installs starting at $300 (thats only $75 a tyre!) contact us now!

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