Fully Reversable Rim Respray

Fully reversable rim respray. With advances in spray films (plastidip), high quality sprays are now available to spray wheels and other parts. These films are durable and can be washed the same as factory painted rims. the only difference is, they are fully reversable. This allows you to change your wheel colour any time you wish, for shows or just to revamp the look of your car.

plasti dip wheels

Caliper Respray

One of our most popular styling upgrades. An easy way to enhance the look of your car is to have the calipers painted with special high temp Caliper paint. Why not also have custom stickers added on top. Looks great when combined with new or sprayed rims!

caliper respray

Light Tinting

High quality light tinting film is used to darking your tail lights. There are two options available, Light Smoke & Dark smoke. Tinting your tail lights Canberra is a perfect way to help darken the over all look of your car.

car light tinting