People need to be aware that wrapping is not as cheap as they think (unless you want cheap quality). It is a high quality product that is designed to protect your paint with intesive labour to do right

Panels start at $390 and full cars start at $2,800 (can go to $4k+ for XL vehicles)

Hints for choosing a wrap shop and price:

  • Ring a few high quality places interstate. You will find high quality wrap shops all charge a decent price. This is because quality vinyl is not cheap and it takes time to produce quality wraps as opposed to quick nasty wraps.
  • Make sure you check out portfolio's. The types of cars shops get are telling of their quality and service
  • Get around and check out their work in person. Like anything a photo from a distance doesnt show quality. Make sure it looks good with no lifting or unnecessary ugly joins/patches.

Dont be fooled or sucked into a lower price for the sake of saving a buck! driving around with a shabby wrap 6 months down the track isnt fun!