What is a Vehicle Wrap?

It starts as large sheets of adhesive backed vinyl designed specifically for vehicles. They come in a variety of styles, colours and finishes. Specially created for vehicles, it is very popular in Europe and America and becoming more popular in Australia. Car wraps are both stylish and have a purpose. Protect your paint and preserve the value of your vehicle!

What are its benefits?

There are a number of benefits to having your vehicle wrapped
-Protect the paint
-Completely reversible
-Preserve your residual value
-A quick and easy face lift
-Quicker and mostly cheaper than paint and the difference is hard to tellt
-Easy and cheap replacement of scratched or worn areas. Ever had your car keyed?


We pride ourselves on quality, however, please remeber that it is paint protection, not paint perfection! We make every attempt to make the wraps as perfect as possible, however, with wraps if you examine them close enough for imperfection you will most likely find them. There may be minute flaws in the film, a spec of dust that found its way in or flaws in the paint that you did not notice before.

We will at times remove the flawed or contaminated vinyl and start again to try and make the install as close to perfect as we can, but this does not mean that any install will be absolutely perfect. We are sure you will appreciate our attention to detail and we, in turn, appreciate your understanding of the process.

How much does it cost?

Every vehicle is different so it really depends on each car's needs.

If you are a researcher you may have noticed the price of vinyl. It is by no means cheap, but it is under what people charge for paint jobs. Always remember the other factors that come into play with quotes such as other tools used and the biggest factor labour. Wrapping is a lot quicker then painting but also is an intensive job, especially to get a high quality finish. Visit our Pricing page for handy hints on choosing a wrap shop.

What vinyl do you use

Our preference is Avery Dennison due to its high quality. We also use 3M 1080, Arlon and Vvivid Vinyl Canberra.

Why can i get it cheaper elsewhere?

We encourage you to get multiple quotes. You do however, need to make sure that your decision is not based on solely the price alone. Quality should be your main concern, There are plenty of cheap quality vinyls available, we only used the best available on the market today and stand by its quality.

Also when asking for quotes make sure you pick a place that will take the time to remove parts like antennas, door handles mirrors etc. We will always remove as many parts as possible, this ensures a superior finish.

We ensure edges are finished on the other side of panels not just the edges. This ensures the best grip and will outlast an edge finish.

We are not in the game of ripping off customers or providing misleading information to benefit ourselves. We purely care about a pristine job being done.

Always remember, you get what you pay for. Quality shopping and Price shopping arent the same thing

Will it damage my paint?

No, The film is designed for factory OEM paint. A poor install or removal can damage it though! Care needs to be taken to ensure the knife does not damage the paint underneath.

Please be aware that the paint on re-sprayed cars cannot be guaranteed upon removal. This is due to the fact that the baking process may not have been the same as factory paint which mean the paint can be softer. As you can imagine any chips, lifting of paint etc will most likely cause the paint to lift upon removal.

How long will my wrap last?

A wrap should last 3-5 years when done right. It can look good past this but this is the recomended removal time. A wrap needs to be cared for just like paint. Keep it clean and protect it and there is no reason you wouldnt reach its recommened removal time

Its care and exposure to the elements all come into play with longevity. If you noticed discolouration then please have it checked by a wrap professional asap.

How prepared does my car need to be on arrival?

Please bring your car in clean. We do a final clean before installation, but please give the car a wash with everyday car wash and do not wax. Remember the dirtier your car is on arrival the more chance there is for dirt to get under the film or the longer the process can take.

Examine your car for paint imperfections as these will show up under the vinyl. The vinyl will make flakes and chips look better by covering them, but, you will also see these faint lines through the vinyl as it sucks to it.

Will my vehicle be looked after?

Abosolutely! We take as much pride in your vehicle as we do with our own. The car will never leave the premisises and will only be turned on where necessary. If the vehicle needs to stay longer then a day then it will always be locked in a garage that is monitored.

You can sleep easy at night knowing your vehicle is well looked after and will be returned looking better then it was received.

How do i care for my wrap?

No high pressure washes or automatic brush systems. Simple hand washing with a soft sponge with a non-abrasive soap is all that is needed. Sealing it with a protectant to protect it and kep it looking good is also needed. We sell special cleaner/sealers.

Can you come to me?

Of course. We are happy to travel at an additional cost. You need to ensure that you have a clean environment that is also not too hot or cold to ensure the quality of the wrap will be high. No warranty can be given for offsite installations.

Do i need someone to remove my wrap?

No, This can be done by yourself and we are happy to provide you with the information needed to do so.


We back ourselves by a 12 month guarantee. If you are not happy with the installation bring it back and we will fix the area for you free of charge. Issues caused by improper care are easy to spot and not covered. Our warranty covers installation issues, not issues caused by improper care or use.